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Year 5 Home Learning Projects

Please find our weekly Home Learning Projects for you to share with your child.  Use your parental judgement as to what you would like your child to access. On this page, we will also upload any other worksheets/work that we think will help to support your child's learning. 

If you would like a paper copy of the resources, please contact Miss Coates on slt@oakwoodavenue.co.uk to request a paper pack. 

Week 1 Wk beg: 8.6.2020 'Relationships - me and my feelings'

Week 2 Wk beg: 15.6.2020 'Relationships - me and my feelings' plus English & Maths booklets & answers

Week 3 Wk beg:22.6.2020' Healthy Week 1 - Germs'

Week 4 wk beg: 29.6.2020 'healthy week 2 - year group Topic'

Home Learning English & Maths Pack 2 29.6.2020

Week 5 wk beg: 7.6.2020 'journeys - long walk to freedom'

Please refer to our ebook, which has been read by Miss Leach, in order to access these resources. It can be found on our Oaky TV Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sn_-9xd_cg

Week 6 Wk beg: 13.7.2020 'inspirational journeys'

Week 7 Wk beg: 20.7.2020 'summer work pack'

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