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Harry and John's Journey - Rheinburg Cemetery & Gildehaus, Germany


Mr Cunningham set the scene and showed children Google maps so that they knew where in the world Chris was

Visiting Rheinburg Cemetery - their name liveth forever

Purpose of the Trip

Chris Bent, a local historian, brought us the story last year of Harry Kenwright, ex Oakwood Avenue pupil, (https://www.oakwoodavenue.co.uk/warrington/primary/oakwood/site/pages/aboutus/ourschoolhistory/the). Following on from the story, Chris planned a Battlefield Tour which his father, John Bent (of the Irish Guards) and Harry Kenwright fought in, in April 1945. This tour which began for The Irish Guards, 2nd Battalion, in February 6th 1945, tragically resulted in the death of Harry Kenwright and his tank driver George Doades, on April 2nd 1945.

Chris’ tour was to include a visit to Harry Kenwright’s grave as well as to the battlefield where Harry lost his life, in Gildeshaus. A poppy wreath which was created from the names of all children at our school was laid at the grave, along with a poppy wreath from the late John Bent. Chris then placed a poppy cross for every Irish Guard in the cemetery. It was an exceptionally emotional couple of days in which our children were able to truly picture and understand the terrible events of World War 2. The videos capture the moment when Chris FaceTimed Years 5 & 6 and helped to deepen their understanding and take them on a virtual journey.

Retracing the Steps of The Irish Guards, 2nd Battalion, 2nd April 1945

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