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PE days

Your child can come to school in their school PE kit (black tracksuit bottoms /leggings/school shorts, Oaky t-shirt, Oaky hoodie and pumps/trainers) on PE days. Please can you ensure that your child's PE kit is named as this would be very helpful! . 

Thursday mornings

On forest school days your child can come to school in suitable forest school clothes. Your child’s teacher will let you know the dates for this via a letter or School Ping.


The children are offered toast on arrival to school and enjoy snack each morning as part of their social skills programme.  This consists of a variety of options and costs £1.50 per week which should be sent into school on a Monday or if your child prefers then they can bring their own healthy snack from home.



Home-School Book

For those children that are on transport, we can provide home/school books so please read our comments and reply so that we know that you’ve read it.  In this book please feel free to communicate with us about your child’s behaviour at home too, both the positives and the negatives please.   If your child is not on transport but you would like a home-school link book please request one from a member of staff.

Behaviour Management

In KS1 Woodies, we use a wide range of effective behaviour management tools to help your child improve and control their behaviour in the classroom, around school and hopefully at home too.  The most effective tool that we use is the points’ card system which works as follows.  Throughout the day your child earns points for both their behaviour and attitude to their learning and then at the end of the day if they have earned enough points they receive 15 minutes of choices time where they can play with a selection of games, I Pads and building blocks etc. 

On occasions, when children are putting themselves or others at risk or are damaging property, then we will intervene and use our positive handling training.  If a restraint has taken place then the appropriate paper work will be completed and filed at school and you will be informed at the end of the day.  If necessary, a Positive Handling plan will be written.


During the school week,, your child will be taught reading through guided, shared and independent sessions focusing on developing decoding, retrieval and inference skills.  You can help your child develop their reading skills further by reading with them each evening for 10 minutes.  We encourage you to share books with your child and read to them alongside listening to them read. 


Each term Oaky will ask the children to complete a project linked to their topic learning (discover, create and explore) and the children will have a few weeks to complete the task. 

staying connected

The Oaky Way – Staying Connected

As you will know from the Parent Handbook, although we are having to limit physical contact during drop off and pick up times. At drop off, teachers will be waiting for your child with a smile, but please do not be offended by the rules in place, as teachers won’t be able to have a discussion about your child on the playground. You will still have the channels to be able to communicate with us. Please continue to use the Senior Leadership and year group emails to communicate non-urgent messages, for example, up and coming appointments your child may have.

If you require a more lengthy conversation, then please email or ring for an appointment with the class teacher.

For safeguarding and welfare concerns, please continue to use Option 4 on the school phone line and ask to speak to Mrs Frank

As you will have seen from the first few days of term, members of the senior leadership team will be visible at drop off and pick up times. The senior leadership team are still available with an open door policy, albeit a different way of virtually communicating and keeping socially distant.

We can still smile, laugh and show warmth at a distance!


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