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Eric Tucker - The secret painter


Eric Tucker’s story is nothing short of remarkable. Born on 13th May 1932 he started at Oakwood Avenue School on 5th April 1937. His entry in the school register can be seen opposite. He received no formal art education, though we can claim credit for nurturing his talents!

After he left school at 14 he was employed as a steelworker, a gravedigger and a building labourer. Apart from his painting, he also had a passion for boxing.


Other than close family members, he was largely unknown as an artist during his lifetime. He painted in between his work shifts and after hours. It was not unusual for him to be painting late into the night.

He was very modest about his talent and upon his death in July 2018 his family were amazed to find over 400 paintings in his small terraced house in Warrington. For a short period the house was opened as a gallery and an exhibition at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery followed. All KS1 & KS2 children and staff attended the exhibition on 4th February 2020. It was a day to be remembered by everyone involved.


Eric’s paintings have drawn comparison in style to those of LS Lowry. He painted what he saw around him, people walking around Town, in the pub, reading the newspaper, playing cards. Looking at his paintings now, takes you back in time. He was very private about his work and the only time he sold a couple of paintings, he was so angry with the commission taken by the dealer that he vowed never to do it again.

His reputation has grown since his death and in December 2022 forty-six of his oil paintings and watercolours were featured at a leading Mayfair gallery. We are very proud that this hugely talented man was an Oaky boy! For further information see BBC article by clicking this link.

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