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PE days

Your child can come to school in their school PE kit (black tracksuit bottoms /leggings/school shorts, plain white crew neck t-shirt, Oaky sweatshirt/green sweatshirt and pumps/trainers) on PE days. Please note that Oaky hoodies are no longer PE uniform. If your child isn't wearing the correct PE uniform, they will be asked to remove it and will be given an alternative for the day; their clothing item will be given back to them at the end of the day.  Please refer to the School Uniform booklet, which can be found under the Parents tab on our website for any further clarification.

Wednesday - 5B Buddies  &  5A Acorns

Thursday -  5H Saplings 


Forest School

Year 5 children will have the opportunity to enjoy forest school, but in the first instance, it is timetabled for the younger children further down the school. When it is their turn to enjoy forest school, children will need to come into school in uniform and bring a suitable change of clothing if desired. They will definitely need suitable footwear (wellies, old trainers).  The Forest School day will be sent out via PING. 


Parents can provide a healthy snack from home. Alternatively, toast can be bought from the canteen at a cost of 25p, juice at a cost of 35p and milk at a cost of 30p.  An amount of £3.00 must be loaded onto your Parent Pay account by 9am on Monday at the beginning of each week. 




Now your child is in Upper Key Stage 2, we expect them to demonstrate the Family Value of 'Being Responsible' for their independent learning, with reading continuing to be a huge focus.  Your child will be given a reading book suited to their level of reading within the first couple of weeks back as well as a reading record. We ask that all reading records be placed in a basket outside your child’s classroom every Monday morning so that the teachers can check their home reading. We encourage the children to try to read every night for a sustained period of time with the same book, as we are now encouraging children to stick at reading one book, whether that be fiction or non-fiction, rather than flitting from one book to another. This sustained reading is hugely beneficial for the demands of the Upper Key Stage 2 curriculum.

We realise that family life so as a minimum, we ask for your child to read at least 3 times per week (this can include Reading Plus and Lexia) and make a comment each time. One of these comments must be written or signed by an adult. Reading books and records need to be brought in daily as the children do a lot of 1:1 and group reading with adults. In year 5, children can gain an extra break if they have at least 3 comments in their reading record, with one being signed by an adult. This is used an as incentive and a reward for those children. For children who haven't achieved 3 reads, they will be given the opportunity to use the time during 'reader's play'to catch up on their reads. 


Spelling lists will be handed out each Friday, they relate to the word level work that has taken place in your child’s English class and need to be learnt over the week.


This is times tables practise which can be writing them out and playing games but must include TT Rockstars x3 a week. Other tasks may be sent home sometimes too, these may be paper based or online. Even though the children have now sat their Y4 multiplication times tables test, continuing to practise their times tables is essential for them to be able to access the y5 maths curriculum, in readiness for SATS at the end of Y6.

Home Learning Projects

There will only be one piece of Topic homework per term i.e. 3 in the year. Each term Oaky will ask the children to complete a project linked to their topic learning. Letters will be sent out informing you of this and the children will have a few weeks to complete the task. There will always be a choice to make learning as personalised as possible for your child.

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The Oaky Way – Staying Connected

At Oakwood, we very much have an open door policy where we welcome open communication. At least one member of staff from the year group is on the playground at the beginning of the day. If parents/carers need a quick chat or need to pass on any information, then please feel free to do so. 

If you require a more lengthy conversation, then please email or ring for an appointment with the class teacher, as you can appreciate that teachers need to be back up in class to maximise learning time. We are encouraging parents to allow their children to come up to their Year 5 classrooms independently. Staff will bring the children down onto the playground at the end of the day, which is another opportunity to speak with the class teacher is needed. 

For safeguarding and welfare concerns, please continue to use Option 4 on the school phone line and ask to speak to Mrs Frank

Members of the senior leadership team will be visible at drop off and pick up times at the gate. If you require a meeting with a senior leader, then plase contact the office to arrange an appointment.  




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