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‘Every human is an artist’ Don Miguel Ruiz

Art at Oakwood Avenue


ART Objectives

ART Progression grid

Art units and assessments

This document sets out how we teach art at Oakwood Avenue. Further details mapping out planning and end outcomes for teachers can be accessed through the Kapow scheme of work in school.


During our last Art monitoring, carried out by Miss Howard (Art coordinator) and Miss Coates (Deputy Head of School),  the children demonstrated their learning in Art by talking through their sketchbooks and sharing their views on the subject.  You can also click #oakyart to see what's been happening in this subject on our Twitter page.


Henri Rousseau was born in 1844 and he died 2 years before the Titanic set sail. He was a tax collector'. Heath, Year 2

       Primary colours mean you can't mix any other colours to make them and secondary colours mean if you add two colours together, it makes a new colour, so blue and red makes purple'.  Will, Year 2

Carolyn Saxby is a mixed media artist from Cornwall. Mixed media means she uses different materials'. Erin, Year 3

I've enjoyed learning about tone. Tone is technically the brightness of something, whether it is light or dark'. Tommy, Year 4

I've used white board rubbers to blend'. Amelia Year 5

       I used to sit with people who struggled with portraits. Some people streess a lot, but then we all help each other out. Teachers and friends help each other'. Gracie, Year 6





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