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Year 1's Yearly Learning Journey


Learning Overview for the term

Y1 Summer Term 2024 Learning Overview

WELCOME to Year 1

Year 1 English

Please click here to see the links to the books we read and curriculum content of grammar and spelling. And click on the videos to see how as parents you can help with phonics and the sounds letters make (Phase 2 and phase 3 sounds).

Helping with phonics

There are some videos below to help with phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. There are also some information sheets for phases 2 and 3 which are guides for parents:

Phase 2 phonics

phase_2_sounds.mp4 (Original).mp4

Parents information for phase 2 sounds

Phase 3 phonics

phase_3_sounds (Original).mp4

Parents information for phase 3 sounds

Parents information for phase 5 sounds

The Year 1 Curriculum

The Year 1 curriculum is taken from the National Curriculum and objectives can be found by clicking on the PDFs below:

Year 1 Long term Overview

Year 1 Age Related Expections

The document contains the age related expected statements for a child in Year 1 by the end of the year. 

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