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Parents' Voice

'Conversation is the lifeblood of school reform'

You have entrusted your child to spend their formative years with us – we are honoured to be able to be a part of your child’s journey. Throughout this time, it is vital that we work together in order to achieve the very best outcomes for your child. As stated in our school aims on our website under the 'About us' tab,   we will ensure that all children will receive their full educational entitlement and develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to the limits of their potential, in a secure and stimulating environment. In order for us to do that, we will constantly strive to have open, honest and transparent communications with yourselves.

Staying connected - The Oaky Way

We have many channels of communication, which include:

  • An open door policy, when appropriate, to chat to teaching staff and senior leaders. Senior leaders are also on the gates at the beginning and end of each day which allows for quick, effective communication. 
  • The school office – we have amazing, welcoming and smiley office staff who work tirelessly to ensure communication is constant and effectively
  • SLT email SLT@oakwoodavenue.co.uk – please use this if you need to speak with a member of SLT about a sensitive matter. This is not to be used to pass on information to class teachers. 
  • Formal appointments can be made through the office
  • Twitter (allows parents and carers to be the 'eyes in the classroom' and see the learning taking place through photos and videos, PING (the main method of effective information sharing) and use of the website.

We also have a Parents’ Voice group at Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School. This is an opportunity for parents to meet with staff and share their views and opinions.  The group, which began in March 2017, meets once every term. The agenda for the first meeting was set by the Senior Leadership Team and School Council. Future agendas are then agreed by the Parents’ Voice. If you scroll further down, you can see the presentations and read what was discussed at each one. be found on our blog,  https://oakwoodavenueparentsvoice.wordpress.com/

The purpose of the Parents’ Voice is to be involved in leadership decisions in teaching and learning at Oakwood Avenue concerning agreed areas for development, which will ultimately lead to better outcomes for all children.  We value collaboration with parents and we appreciate your considered response.

What happens at the Parents’ Voice Meeting?

We welcome parent representatives from all year groups who feel that they would like to make contributions or simply have the opportunity to ask questions and constructively challenge senior leaders to improve outcomes for our children. Each meeting has a focus question, which will be shared with the school community to give advance notice of the content of the meeting. If a parent/carer has particularly strong views on that particular subject, then they are welcome to attend the meeting. We also work together with school council and staff in order to have the views of all stakeholders.  Due to the pandemic, meetings in school were suspended so views were gained in alternative ways; ie the SLT email. However, face to face meetings will be resuming. 

If you are interested in being involved and want to know more, please feel free to contact Jane Coates, Deputy Head of School  via email on j.coates@oakwoodavenue.co.uk

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