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The Remote Curriculum at Oakwood Avenue

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for our school system, and the traditional approach to delivering education. The impact of the pandemic has necessitated many pupils being out of school, and this will continue to be the case for some pupils. A Direction was issued by the Secretary of State for Education on 30th September 2020 and came into force on 22nd October 2020. The Direction requires that where a class, group of pupils, or individual pupils need to self-isolate, or there are local or national restrictions requiring pupils to remain at home, schools are expected to provide immediate access to remote education.

Schools have responded to this with a strong and proactive commitment to providing remote education, in challenging and uncertain circumstances. Behind the scenes, here at Oakwood Avenue, we too have been working hard to ensure we are able to provide a platform for remote learning for our children. Our chosen platform is Google Classroom. Many updates have been provided by the Government in subsequent Remote Learning Guidance documents; this is an ever evolving process and we will endeavour to keep you as updated as possible.

Please find below The Remote Curriculum at Oakwood Avenue document.  It outlines the following:

  • The Remote Curriculum-what is taught
  • How your child will be taught
  • Remote teaching and study time
  • Accessing Remote Education
  • Engagement and Feedback
  • Additional support for children with particular needs
  • Remote Education for self-isolating pupils

Also attached below is our Remote Learning Policy

Our Remote Learning Expecatations 

We want to emphasize to all parents that we understand the challenges you face as we deal with these unprecedented times. Your child’s education is a shared responsibility and you are being asked to play a greater role than ever before. Our goal is 100% pupil participation yet we also appreciate that every family is unique and are willing to work with you in order to address any individual needs you may have. We are here to lead, guide and support learning efforts at home. You are encouraged to reach out to our Senior Leadership Team with any questions and or concerns you may have. Discussions with you, will continue to be conducted to ensure that we are implementing practices that are in the best interest of supporting high quality, engaged learning for all pupils, maximizing the impact of communication and interaction between teacher and pupil, and providing support, collaboration and guidance to teachers and between home and school. This way of working will evolve as we navigate this new normal together; your support, constructive feedback and understanding will ensure all our children will continue to receive a high quality education through these difficult times. This is a learning process for all of us.

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