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International Schools Award

We achieved the full accreditation of the International Schools Award in 2013.  We have recently had our action plan for re accreditation approved by the British Council and have gained The International School Award 2022-25. Have a look at our global learning journey below. 

international Schools Mark

War and Peace

To make children aware of solving differences peacefully. To give children an insight into local history. To challenge preconceptions and behaviours. To research into fallen soldiers who attended Oakwood Avenue CP and died during the World Wars. Children will learn to solve problems and differences amicably and peacefully. Links to SDG 16.


Pupils will learn:

  • To improve language learning
  • To learn about other cultures and traditions
  •  To explore Spanish food and drink
  • To communicate in Spanish with our link school
  • To inspire children to find out more about Spain and perhaps even visit Spain with their family.
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Further information on our links with Spain click here 

Plastic pollution

To learn about plastic pollution globally, as well as the causes and effects. To learn about single plastic use and how to reduce plastic waste. To design posters to highlight the consequences of plastic pollution. Children will realise that small actions can lead to larger positive outcomes in society. Children will become more socially responsible. Children will learn to look for alternative products to help ensure sustainability products.


Children will appreciate food and where it comes from. Children will learn not to be wasteful with food. Maths skills will be developed through creating meals; budgeting will be discussed with children and parents. Children will learn why certain food are only grown in certain countries. To learn about healthy foods and lifestyles. This will link to SDGs: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15.

World Faiths

Throughout the year we learn about the different world faiths. The whole school study, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism. Children learn to respect other religions and beliefs, to be tolerant and understand different opinions. Links to SDGs 4 & 16.


Each class reads a different book relating to the issues faced by refugees and work is produced over the half term. Children learn about why people are refugees, where in the world refugees come from, empathise with their plight and understand what can be done do to help them. Links to the SDG’s 1,2,3,4,10,11, & 16.


Other international work

south africa

Children will research and learn about why South Africa have a National Youth Day Children will have open discussions about children's rights and responsibilities Through discussion and looking at photographs the children can think of some of the issues that South African children face. Compare and contrast school life in both schools. To learn about other cultures and traditions Links to the following SDGs: 4, 10, 16.

To read further information about our links with South Africa click here

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