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The Oaky Voice is our School Council which represents the views of all our children. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and be an important part of the school community. The School Council responds to questions driven by the School Development Plan, this makes sure that children have an input into ideas for change in the school. They can propose and take forward ideas and projects on behalf of their peers, and be involved with Senior Leaders, in strategic planning and processes.

structure of our school council

Our school council consists of a Junior Leadership Team and Class Couuncil members. As a direct result of three children's passionate applicatons, we allocated three new roles on the Junior Leadership Team.

Junior Leadership Team:

Head Girl (Year 6)             Deputy Head Girl (Year 5)                                                          New roles for 2023-24: 

Head Boy (Year 6)             Deputy Head Boy (Year 5)                                                         Community Champion x1 (Year 4,5&6)

Reading Champion x4 (Year 4,5&6)                                                                                       Curriculum Champion x1 (Year 4,5&6)

Wellbeing Champion x4 (Year 4,5&6)                                                                                   Eco Champion x1 (Year 4,5&6)


Class Council:

Each class votes for someone who they would like to represent them on, who is confident to out forward their viewpoints and suggestions. 



Meet our Head girl and Head Boy


Hello I am Liberty and I am so excited to be your Head Girl. I think it is a real privilege to be working alongside teachers, senior leaders and all of the children in the school. I am looking forward to helping to make our school an even better place to learn, have fun and feel safe. 

Meet our Deputy Head Girl - Evy


Hello I am Bode and I want to be the best black Head Boy there has ever been! I am excited to help to make positive changes and to help to raise money at events such as the Christmas Markets. Last year, we raised almost £5000 and I want to help to beat that this year! 

Meet our Deputy Head boy - Archie


Head girl/boy and Deputy Head girl/boy roles

As well as representing the school and leading by example at all times by demonstrating our Oaky Family Values, our Head boy/girl and Deputy Head boy/girl work alongside Mrs Frank to promote attendance. They meet every Monday to receive the whole school attendance data and then go around the classes to tell them their weekly attendance. This also involves giving out the Attendance trophies. They also help to support the Well-being and Reading champions, as well as carrying out learning walks through the eyes of the child and lead and support any community events or fundraising. In addition, they work closely with Mrs Reilly and Miss Coates to share their input into the School Development Plan. 

Well-being Champions

Our Well-being champions work together to make sure that children feel safe and happy at school. They are heavily involved in Children's Mental Health Week and are excellent role models when it comes to making sure our behaviour curriculum is followed in school. This year, they will also be having some training on understanding how our brain and hormones play a part in how we feel. This will hopefully help them to feel more confident when helping others. 

Reading Champions

Our Reading champions are passionate about books! If you speak to any one of them, they will be able to talk at length about their favourite authors and texts they have read! Their job is to help to promote a love of reading throughout the school by helping Miss Jago (English lead and Assistaht Head), Ms Halliday (phonics and Pupil Premium Lead and Assistant Head) and Miss Hamer (class teacher and leads our Reading Buddies). Every Friday, they meet with their Y1 or 2 Reading Buddy in our Library Lodge and they also help to monitor our class libraries as well as the books available to the children in school. 

Eco Champion - Beth


After visiting Denmark for a week in year 5 as part of the Turing Project 'Every Mind Matters' I was inspired by how they looked after their environment. When I returned, I asked Miss Coates if I could make 'Please switch off the tap and lights' signs with a friend who came to Denmark too. These signs are now up around school and I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do to make us more Eco-friendly. 

Community Champion - Miley


I am really passionate about wanting to work more with our community and getting involved in community projects. Last year, I helped to set up and run our own Pre-Loved uniform stall and this year, we will be having more of the pop-ups in our new community cafe. 

Curriculum Champion - Ruby


I have never been shy in sharing my opinions so when I applied for school council, I shared some ideas on how to make learning even more fun for children so they enjoy their lessons. I'm so excited to be Curriculum Champion and work with our Subject Ambassadors. 

School Council works because of:

TEAMWORK – We all have specific roles which means we work as a team

COMMUNICATION – Between children and children, and adults and children, good communication allows for good listening which enables everyone to be heard.

DEDICATION – Every School Council member is committed to the role – to be the voice of all.

LEADERSHIP – Developing the skills of leadership, allowing anyone to make a difference within school.

CHILDREN’S VOICE – School Council represent the voice of all children

SUPPORT – School Council are available, visible (through their gold and red ties)  and open to offer support to children across the whole school. They are the gateway to Senior Leaders and adults in school.

Each School Council member reflects the role of Senior Leaders within school. Click on the link 'How We Work' to find out more.

By having an Oaky School Council, children:

  • Enjoy and feel empowered by their education;
  • Feel that school responds to their needs and views;
  • Have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them;
  • Have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place;
  • Develop active life skills through participation and leadership;
  • Actively participate in the British value of democracy.


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