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School Trips at Oakwood Avenue

We believe school trips are such an important part of your child’s education. They enrich the curriculum tremendously and it is for that reason that we aim to plan for a trip or visitor every term. All trips and visitors serve to enhance your child's education and learning experiences and as such, are carefully planned into the curriculum. Sometimes, trips or visitors arise due to an opportunity which has been presented to us, and due to not wanting the children to miss out on an experience, these can be made at shorter notice. However, whenever possible, trips and visits are planned into the yearly curriculum and are shared with parents and carers in advance.

Examples of our visits and trips are:

  • Chester zoo
  • Winter Warmer days with Active Hope
  • Padgate cenotaph
  • Manchester city visit
  • St Elphins Church (KS2 Christingle)

For all school trips that take place during the school day, we will ask parents for a contribution. Please remember that we are only charging enough to cover costs. No child is excluded from going on a trip if the parents are unable to pay. This includes swimming. All trips are paid for via Parent Pay which means that we do not have money coming into our school budget for trips. If we had a lot of parents not able or willing to pay, then we would have to consider cancelling the trip. We use money raised from our Oaky Christmas Markets/Oaky fundraising events to contribute towards our school trips budget. 

Residentials at Oakwood Avenue

Residentials enhance our children’s educational experience. All residentials are optional. Whilst we encourage all children to take part, if they choose not to, then alternative education is arranged in school for them. We have residentials in the following year groups:

  • Year 2 (Burwardsley for 1 night, 2 days)
  • Year 4 Robinwood (2 nights 3 days) 
  • Year 6 London (1 night 2 days).

All of these residentials enrich our curriculum and are closely aligned with what the children are learning throughout that particular year.  Payment plans can be set up to help you with the cost of these trips. Please come and speak with us if you are ever struggling to pay. 

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