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Our guide to the Oaky 5

As a staff we have been exploring what we believe to be are ‘key learning values and attitudes’ for our children.  When children leave our school we want them to have the skills which enable them to access high school education successfully. They also link to the British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith,  In order to do this, we will provide children opportunities to: 


·         Be Respectful

·         Be Committed

·         Be Creative                                                                                                       

·         Be Flexible

·         Be Yourself 


These are key skills and attitudes which underpin all learning in our school community, whether that be during lessons, in the playground, on trips or in the school canteen. All members of our school community support The Oaky 5.


Be Respectful - towards yourself, towards others (this would include manners as well) school property, keeping safe, freedom from bullying...


Be Committed – perseverance, setting goals and achieving them, taking the good with the bad, understanding your importance within the whole..


Be Creative – ask questions, debate, challenge, trial and error, think out of the box, risk-taking, try something new, thinking for yourself, be persuasive, investigate, show fascination, enjoyment, willingness to reflect..


Be Flexible – working collaboratively, working independently, being patient, taking turns, compromising, working with others towards a common goal, winning and losing gracefully, showing initiative, setting own goals and working without distractions..


Be Yourself – knowing it’s ok to change your mind, having moral courage, stand up for what you think it right, being able to admit mistakes, reflect on yourself as a learner, thinking for yourself, being prepared to step out of your comfort zone because you feel emotionally, physically and socially safe.

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