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Coronavirus Update

Week 2 A much colder start to week 2, this new way of working continues and just to let you all know, school will continue to open for the same children as it has been over the Easter holidays, including the Friday and Monday bank holidays. School will operate like this for the foreseeable future – no time scales as we heard over the weekend have been given. Our staff are operating on a rota basis from a Wednesday to the following Tuesday to enable them to work from home and to maintain social distancing rules. A change of staff will be in over what would have been the Easter holidays and they will have already had 2 weeks at home. The rota for senior leaders is as follows (with people on standby should it be needed):

Senior Leader Rota is as follows:

  • Week 1 (starting Wed. 25th March) – Mrs Reilly, Ms Halliday & Mrs Robinson
  • Week 2 (starting Wed. 1st April) - Miss Coates & Mrs Frank
  • Week 3 (starting Wed. 8th April, including bank holidays) – Mr Cunningham & Miss Ashraf
  • Week 4 (starting Wed. 15th April) – Mrs McIntosh & Mrs Davie
  • Week 5 (starting 22nd April) – Week 1 cycle starts again

Teaching staff rota is as follows (where children numbers are low, we will be sending staff home to ensure social distancing is adhered to as much as possible):

  • Week 1(starting Wed. 25th March) – Miss Dutton, Mrs Hannon & Mrs Taylor (EYFS); Mrs Murtagh, Mrs Marlow & Mrs Hadland (KS1); Mrs Warder, Mrs McGrath & Miss Sutch (LKS2); Mr Cole & Miss Ashbrook (UKS2); Mrs Gale & Mrs Sutch (DPs)
  • Week 2 (starting Wed. 1st April) – Miss Phillips, Mrs Bellis & Mrs Clarke (EYFS); Mrs Lye, Miss Lee & Miss Lewis (KS1); Miss Batt & Mrs Weaver (LKS2); Miss Leach & Mrs McMurray (UKS2); Miss Dean & Mrs Abbey(DPs)
  • Week 3 (starting Wed. 8th April, including bank holidays) – Miss Gartland, Miss McCartney & Miss Tonge (EYFS); Miss Beynon, Mrs Grace & Mrs Anderton (KS1); Miss Howard & Mrs Berry (LKS2); Mrs Shannon, Mrs Breary & Mrs Taylor (UKS2); Mrs Potts & Miss Foster (DPs)
  • Week 4 (starting Wed. 15th April) Mrs Davie, Mrs Moran & Mrs Arnold (EYFS); Miss Hill, Miss Edwards & Mrs Pitt (KS1); Miss Burgess, Mrs Rudge & Miss Arnold (LKS2); Mrs Holt & Miss Hamer (UKS2); Miss Hughes & Miss Davies (DPs)
  • Week 5 (starting 22nd April) – Mrs Haralambous, Mr Davies & Mrs Leyland (EYFS); Mrs Glover & Mrs Ditchfield (KS1); Mrs Sharrocks, Miss Harnock & Mrs Bates (LKS2); Mrs McAulay, Mrs Corner & Mrs Horton (UKS2); Mrs Barrow, Mrs Gamble & Mrs Bradford (DPs)

The messages from the government remain simple:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands regularly

In terms of what can be done at home, we are trying to use our school Facebook page to inform you and we have added some information to the parents tab to help you. 

We are missing you all and hope you are all well. Stay safe!

Joanne Reilly

Head of School

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Our Year 6 leavers wrote and produced this promotional video as their legacy to their time at Oakwood Avenue...enjoy.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”For children to succeed they need to be well supported.  Support comes from school and home; and working together we can make a huge difference.

We now live in a digital age and our children will work in a digital environment. It is vital that our children have rich learning experiences that use technology when necessary. Our website will evolve and will become an integral learning tool for our whole school community. As well as learning resources you will also find useful information.

We feel very strongly that school and parents must work closely together to ensure the very best for our children.  Some of our procedures need to be followed to ensure the smooth running of the school, others are there to make sure that the children are safe and secure and getting the most from their school days.

The more support that we get from you and the more closely that we work together, then the more effective our school will be.

Our close links make our school a happy, hard working and successful place.  I am confident that the information on our website will continue to enhance those links. If you feel we need to offer more simply call in to school and offer your opinions.

Mr. Gary Cunningham

Executive Headteacher


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