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This has been a huge week for our teaching staff in terms of getting used to a new way of working, with two of our teachers from each year group teaching and assessing approximately 60 children who are working on Google Classroom and the other teacher in school teaching the remaining children. We are all in this job because we love predominantly two things; working with children and we also love to learn! This has most definitely been a steep learning curve for our teaching staff and we are so proud of them all how they have embraced this challenge. Despite being many months in the planning, it is still very different when a new initiative or project launches. We are learning on the job, with new issues cropping up which we have never come across before – but together, as a team, we are finding solutions. Our teaching assistants too, have been incredible; truly supporting the teaching to strive to provide the highest quality education we can under these challenging circumstances, whether it be in school or providing feedback and marking work on Google Classroom.

It has been a joy to see all of the learning, whether in school or at home. Our tweets give a real insight into the learning taking place, right from our very youngest members of the Oaky family in Nursery, through to Year 6. You will see that learning in school and at home is completely aligned; we are continuing to follow the national curriculum with small tweaks where needed for the children working from home.

Feedback regarding Google Classroom has been overwhelmingly positive – all members of SLT have the privilege of being able to have access to every single online class and can read the comments from parents and children. Of course, we will never make everyone completely satisfied; families have very different pressures and needs and we are fully aware of this and completely empathise. Decisions we have made regarding remote learning have been made after a lot of professional research, discussion and always with who we serve and our community in mind. We are aware that a small minority of local schools are providing live lessons – as a collective staff, we passionately feel that our remote learning offer is of high quality and provides a much more personalised approach regarding feedback which moves learning forward, than live learning does. However, we are always open to parental feedback and will always strive to ensure we are providing the very best for our children. Mrs Reilly and Miss Ashraf are visiting a local school on Monday to have first-hand experience of live teaching. We will share separate feedback with you on that shortly.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you, parents and carers, for your incredible work in supporting your children through this time. If your children are continuing learning in school, thank you for continuing your critical worker roles and entrusting us with your children; if your children are at home, thank you for supporting them in the way you are as well as many of you having to juggle jobs and just emotionally, having to adapt to a challenging situation. A conversation with a Year 1 child the other day summed it up perfectly; as he was looking at his pictures in his learning journal, he said, ‘Arhh, I miss the good old days!’. Don’t we all! Let’s hope they will be back soon. Please take care and have a lovely weekend.

Oakwood Avenue Senior Leadership Team 

LATEST UPDATE AS OF 9pm Monday 4th January (also sent as a PING)

Dear Parents/Carers, 

As a senior leadership team we worked hard this weekend on a plan to ensure that school was able to open safely tomorrow. At 8pm, we heard the message from the Prime Minister at the exact same time as you. As you can imagine, we will need time to read the guidance (which hasn’t been released yet), work out the logistics and organisation for in school provision of key worker and vulnerable children plus online provision for children having to work at home. He also mentioned nurseries staying open, so again, we will need to await the guidance to see what this means for Oakwood Avenue as we have a large nursery provision. 

We ask you again for your patience while we work this out and school will remain closed tomorrow while we put our new plans into place. Can I also ask that you await a Ping tomorrow about key worker places, as we will need to see the guidance before any decisions can be made. We are receiving emails about them but until we know what the guidance says, we cannot give any answers.

Many thanks,

Senior Leadership Team


LATEST UPDATE AS OF 4:45pm Monday 4th January (also sent as a Ping)

Dear Parents/Carers,

Subject to any national directive which may supersede our local decision making, we will be opening to all children tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2020. This will include Breakfast Club and Treetops which will be open as normal. Today we tested 104 members of staff with only 1 non-teaching staff having tested positive. The staff member was asymptomatic and has since booked in for a lab test and is following the correct isolation procedures. We hope that this additional control measure will give our families increased confidence regarding the safety of attending school as it has most definitely helped to reassure our staff.

We will continue to do our best and put the welfare of children and staff at the heart of our decision making. We are constantly reviewing our risk assessment and with that in mind, from tomorrow, our senior leaders and teachers will be wearing face masks on the playground when greeting and dismissing children. There will be an expectation that all adults who are not exempt from wearing face masks will adhere to this as well.  This will also be the case with adults in school where there is increased adult to adult contact in shared communal areas; not classrooms.

Once again, huge thanks for your patience and continued support during these unprecedented times.

Oakwood Avenue Senior Leadership Team.

LATEST UPDATE AS OF 4:20pm Sunday 3rd January (also sent as a Ping)

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: School reopening

No doubt you will have seen the confusing information from the government and the various unions regarding school reopening. As in 2020 we continue to put the welfare of our children and staff at the forefront of our decision making. 

We have decided to potentially reopen to children on Tuesday 5th January subject to two factors. 

Firstly, we have decided to implement an INSET day tomorrow so that we can test all staff following the Christmas break. This is an additional control measure which we feel will offer the staff and families increased confidence regarding the safety of attending school. Testing of school staff will be more routine at the end of this month.  

I understand this late decision may cause you some disruption, but we feel the additional day without the children returning, will give us the required time to test all school staff and act on the results. 

Secondly, we need need to collate the responses from all staff following the advice from their respective unions. Once again we will need to act accordingly on the outcome of these responses. 
Further communications will take place at the end of tomorrow afternoon. We will then be able to assess our capacity and capabilities and inform you of our plans for Tuesday and beyond (subject to any national directive). 

In summary:

Monday 4th January will be an INSET day when all staff will be tested in preparation for Tuesday and beyond and all staff will have responded to their intentions regarding a return to school.

Late Monday all families will be informed about which classes will open as normal for the following day.

Tuesday 5th January - classes open in line with yesterday’s communication.

Thank you in anticipation of your support during these continued challenging and unprecedented times.

Kind regards,

UPDATE 11am Sunday 3rd January

Happy New Year to our Oaky Family.

We were communicating with the LA and other schools throughout yesterday and are holding meetings throughout the today (our first one is at 12:00) and will have some decisions by the late afternoon which we will communicate to the school community via the usual platforms. 

In the past decisions made by central government have superseded any decisions we have made and this may well be the case going forward.

We will continue to do our best and put the welfare of children and staff at the heart of our decision making.

Kind regards,

The Senior Leadership Team 

oaky EYFS

During these unusual times, we have had to rethink how we present our school to you. Normally, we would invite new, prospective parents in for a personal tour with one of our senior leaders to see our school and meet our team. As you will understand, this is not possible at the moment so if you are thinking of Oakwood Avenue as the start of your child’s learning journey, watch the short video below. We hope you get a flavour of our Early Years and our school as a big family for our children and their parents and carers.


Our Year 6 leavers wrote and produced this promotional video as their legacy to their time at Oakwood Avenue...enjoy.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”For children to succeed they need to be well supported.  Support comes from school and home; and working together we can make a huge difference.

We now live in a digital age and our children will work in a digital environment. It is vital that our children have rich learning experiences that use technology when necessary. Our website will evolve and will become an integral learning tool for our whole school community. As well as learning resources you will also find useful information.

We feel very strongly that school and parents must work closely together to ensure the very best for our children.  Some of our procedures need to be followed to ensure the smooth running of the school, others are there to make sure that the children are safe and secure and getting the most from their school days.

The more support that we get from you and the more closely that we work together, then the more effective our school will be.

Our close links make our school a happy, hard working and successful place.  I am confident that the information on our website will continue to enhance those links. If you feel we need to offer more simply call in to school and offer your opinions.

Mr. Gary Cunningham

Executive Headteacher

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