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Welcome back - September 2020

A huge ‘welcome back’ to all of our school community! We hope you all agree when we say that the start to this unprecedented year has been memorable. Oaky and the staff were so excited to see all of your smiling faces (parents and carers smiles seemed extra big!) on the first day back, and the music went down well too! We have been overwhelmed by how well the children have settled back into school – we shared in our Parents’ Handbook in July (which can be found on the home page of our school website) that the children’s safety and well-being is our first priority; the first few weeks is all about taking the time to re-establish relationships, settling the children back in and establishing routines so that they will be ready to learn. More information about routines and the learning for each year group can be found shortly on our website under the ‘Year Groups’ tab, which will replace the paper copies of the welcome booklets and the learning overviews. We will also be using Twitter to share learning on a regular basis; don’t worry if you do not have access to Twitter, as we have embedded it under the ‘Year Group’ tabs on our website.

An extra special warm welcome to our new nursery, reception and any other children who have joined the Oaky family this September. It has been lovely being able to meet you on the gates in the morning and at home time. Senior Leaders will be out in the gates every day so please feel free to have a socially distant chat if there is anything you want to discuss. Otherwise, you are encouraged to use the year group emails or the senior leadership email slt@oakwoodavenue.co.uk. Again, more information about how you can get in touch with school can be found under the Year Group tab on the website.

Finally, on behalf of the leadership team and all of the staff at Oakwood Avenue, we would like to say thank you for respectfully following the new procedures we have had to put in place during this time. We know at times it can be inconvenient and we understand that, but for now, this is our new normal. What will always remain the same though is our commitment to ensure your children are as safe and happy as possible, so that they can reach their true potential. We are looking forward to working alongside you this year.

Have a good summer everyone!

What a strange year it has been,

A global pandemic no one could have seen.

But we’ve made it to the end of this school year,

At Oakwood Avenue, we’ve been still been here.

From the start of lockdown, it’s been quite weird,

But our school community spirit did appear!

From children in school, to those at home.

It’s never felt like we’ve been truly alone.

Whether on the phone, or 2 metres apart,

We’ve had your children at our heart.

For you, our parents, and school community,

We’ve been humbled by our Oaky family.

Our staff have responded so well, too.

Their caring nature has shone through.

So looking back from March to date,

We want to let you know you’ve all been great! It’s a great big thank you from us to you,

Have a wonderful summer holiday but keep safe too.

We wish lots of love and luck to our school leavers,

The world is yours, go on as achievers!

To all those returning in the autumn term,

We’ll be here - ready to embrace, laugh and learn!

From your Oaky family!

Thursday 16th July 2020

We are so excited to have more children in next week, our year 2s, 3s and 4s will be returning for one week only. Here are their welcome back videos. Year 2 and Years 3 & 4

Thrusday 2nd July 2020

So we've posted a video (click here for the link) update today from Senior Leaders at school. As we post this, the guidance for September has literally just been released so there will be lots of reading and planning to do before we can share any firm plans with you all, including our new starters to Reception. In the meantime we hope you find this video informative and stay with it until the end of Mrs Reilly's update for a bit of fun! 

Thursday 11th June 2020

Dear parents/carers,

We are pleased to advise that following the recent postponement of one week, we will be widening our offer to children from next Monday (15th June). This will mean that we will be welcoming back all those Year 6 children who have requested a place on Monday and those requesting a place in Reception on Wednesday 17th June.

The delay enabled the Local Authority to work with their colleagues in Public Health within Warrington and across the region. 

A media statement will soon be made by Warrington Borough Council from the Directors of Public Health across the region and Warrington. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. We are continuing to work hard to ensure the best outcomes for all our children and as circumstances change, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Thank you

Oakwood Avenue Senior Leadership Team

Week Beginning Monday 25th May 2020

Although it was Bank Holiday yesterday, we remained open for Key Workers and what a lovely sunny day it was! We have been so lucky with the weather. Here is Friday's letter that was sent out to parents/ carers about our plans to reopen. Just a reminder that we are closing for a deep clean and staff training starting on Wednesday 3rd, 4th 5th June and the following Monday and Tuesday. We reopen on Wednesday 10th June.

Week Beginning Monday 18th May 2020

Monday’s Update

We mentioned on Friday that we may have more news for parents/ carers today of plans going forward. However, on Friday alone up to 6.30pm, 7 emails were sent out from the Government with further guidance and updates. We also received emails over the weekend. As you can imagine plans are constantly evolving and changing, we are not in a firm position to share anything concrete with you as yet. 

This week involves more meetings and discussions of plans going forward. Meetings planned on Zoom this week include meetings with: 

  • The One Community Trust head teachers and Mrs Robinson, led by Mr Cunningham as CEO
  • The Local Authority and head teachers
  • Other Warrington head teachers with each other.  
  • Our Senior Leaders and teacher groups
  • Our Senior Leaders with each other to pull all of these opinions and viewpoints together
  • Governors and Trustees

All of these meetings are to formulate a plan for expanding numbers within our school as per Government guidelines, whilst at the same time reducing risk and keeping people as safe as is possible in our current climate. Ultimately, we will make decisions in line with these guidelines and a Local Authority approach too, but mainly with Oakwood Avenue at the forefront of our thoughts as all primary schools are not the same. With this in mind, we will not be widening our offer until 8th June at the earliest, at which point we will begin the gradual re-introduction of identified year groups by the Government. As an above average sized primary school, our decisions will be driven by the potential number of children we are expected to have in, staff numbers and our physical school environment. A one size approach in the expansion of schools does not fit all during this pandemic. We will be in touch towards the end of this week, with further details so that you are able to make an informed decision. Next week we will be sending a questionnaire, via Ping, to all families of all year groups, asking if it is your intention to send your child in, as and when we can widen the offer for that year group.  We would like to thank you for your continued support throughout these difficult times and hope you are reassured in knowing that a lot of thinking, hard work and planning are firmly in place in preparation for an expansion of our school numbers in June.

Oakwood Avenue’s Senior Leadership Team

Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020

Dear Parents and carers,

No doubt you will have seen the Prime Minister's message to the nation yesterday and the news that schools could re-open in June. As you know we have not closed school and have been open to key worker children each and every day including the Easter holiday and bank holidays. We await further details, but the Prime Minister said a phased return to school from 1st June would begin with pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, if infection rates and the government's other tests at the time allow it. Key worker children numbers will also have to be factored into any planning of places whilst continuing to support the education of our children who will have to remain at home.

We have very little details of the proposed plan, but plenty of questions. Once we receive further guidance we will work on proposed plans and share them with you. We will not be re-opening the school as it was before the lockdown. There are many safety measures that will need to be put in place. As we have always done since the beginning of this lockdown, we will work hard as a leadership team to ensure that safety of all is paramount. We will be having discussions with other headteachers to ensure our plans are in line with other schools and with the government guidelines that will be produced. Once our plans have been finalised, we will of course share them with you and be willing to answer any questions you might have.

We trust you and your loved ones are well and we look forward to the beginning of the journey to a return to a more normal way of life for us all.

Oakwood Avenue’s Senior Leadership Team

Week Beginning Monday 4th May 2020

At the beginning of May, I wanted to start by saying a huge thank you for all of the nominations which meant we were mentioned in the Warrington Guardian.‘The school has had numerous nominations for the fun ways it is keeping in touch with pupils, from Facebook and Twitter messages, daily stories being read to children, phone calls and a YouTube channel- it is described as 'one big family'. This quote we felt summed up what we were all trying to achieve back in March when this began and what our school stands for on a daily basis. Regardless of our size, huge pride is taken in the fact that it is such a family and whole team effort at Oakwood Avenue from the children & parents to teachers and TAs to admin to site maintenance to cleaners to cooks; everybody has their part to play in keeping the school open for those who need us, but also, to keep our school ready to open, as and, when it is safe enough to do so!

The One Community Trust has also provided huge opportunities and support for us. Virtual weekly meetings are held with Mr Cunningham, myself, Mrs Robinson and the headteachers of Croft, Gorse Covert and Woolston. In his role as CEO (and as our Executive Headteacher), Mr Cunningham, is constantly supporting and challenging us to ensure that we are delivering a good education and are in communication with our whole school community, as much as we can be during these challenging times. He is also working in close partnership with the Local Authority and has virtual weekly meetings with them to ensure that all schools are up to date with issues. The other headteachers in our Trust, and their staff, are also working exceptionally hard to ensure they are still ‘one big family’. Mrs Mains, headteacher at Croft, was the one who challenged us to a staff video, so I am blaming her for my mistake in the frog song, haha! If you still haven’t seen our video check it out here.

This week the Prime Minister looks set to present phased plans for easing the Lockdown. Patience and grit will still be needed for a long while yet. We have to feel the benefit of all of our efforts during this isolation period for a safer future and not run the risk of a second peak. Once I know more details of this, I will use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with you as well as the website.

In terms of learning this week, the staff who are on rota in week 6, are working hard to produce displays where children’s work at home can be shown off in school. They are bringing home learning into school and displaying this in our halls (we’ll share the photos as soon as we can). Also Miss Coates is going to put an RE project up here today and will send a message to you all via Ping to tell you when it is up. There are also your daily Twitter challenges from year groups. Friday sees VE Day commemorations, Miss Ashraf has been working hard to produce a sheet of things you can do this week to get ready for a stay at home celebration on Friday (pictures of which we will post on Twitter). If there is anything else we can help you with and you want direct contact with a senior leader, please email us at SLT@oakwoodavenue.co.uk.

Stay safe, stay home and take care,

Joanne Reilly

Head of School

Week Beginning Monday 27th April 2020 

This morning Boris Johnson returned to work as Prime Minister and with the clear message that lockdown needs to continue in order not to see a second peak in the infection. He, once again, thanked you all ‘the people of this country for the sheer grit and guts you have shown and are continuing to show’. He also thanked everyone for their patient self-control, good sense, selflessness and sense of community – all of which I’ve definitely seen as a huge positive from these dark times for our country. With this in mind, we hope you are enjoying our teachers phoning home and if you haven’t had a call yet, it is coming! Mrs Lye and Mrs Frank have also been working hard to put together this video for you to cheer you all up on this Monday morning and you can watch it here at Oaky TV on You Tube. We will continue to look and adjust the website as and when we get new materials to add.  

Meanwhile, school continues to open for key worker children and our rota of staff remains as below. Week 1 starts again this Wednesday:

Senior Leader Rota is as follows:

  • Week 1 (starting Wed. 29th April) – Miss Coates & Mrs Frank
  • Week 2 (starting Wed.6th May, including Bank Holiday Friday for VE Day) - Mr Cunningham & Miss Ashraf
  • Week 3 (starting Wed. 13th May)– Mrs McIntosh & Mrs Davie
  • Week 4 (starting Wed. 20th May) – Mrs Reilly, Ms Halliday & Mrs Robinson
  • Week 5 (starting Wed 27th May) – Week 1 cycle starts again

Teaching staff rota is as follows (where children numbers are low, we will be sending staff home to ensure social distancing is adhered to as much as possible):

  • Week 1(starting Wed. 29th April) – Miss Dutton, Mrs Hannon & Mrs Taylor (EYFS); Mrs Murtagh, Mrs Marlow & Mrs Hadland (KS1); Mrs Warder, Mrs McGrath & Miss Sutch (LKS2); Mr Cole, Mrs Brown & Miss Ashbrook (UKS2); Mrs Gale & Mrs Sutch (DPs)
  • Week 2 (starting Wed.6th May, including Bank Holiday Friday for VE Day) – Miss Phillips, Mrs Bellis & Mrs Clarke (EYFS); Mrs Lye, Miss Lee & Miss Lewis (KS1); Miss Batt & Mrs Weaver (LKS2); Miss Leach & Mrs McMurray (UKS2); Miss Dean & Mrs Abbey(DPs)
  • Week 3 (starting Wed. 13th May) – Miss Gartland, Miss McCartney & Miss Tonge (EYFS); Miss Beynon, Mrs Grace & Mrs Anderton (KS1); Miss Howard & Mrs Berry (LKS2); Mrs Shannon, Mrs Breary & Mrs Taylor (UKS2); Mrs Potts & Miss Foster (DPs)
  • Week 4 (starting Wed. 20th May) Mrs Davie, Mrs Moran & Mrs Arnold (EYFS); Miss Hill, Miss Edwards & Mrs Pitt (KS1); Miss Burgess, Mrs Rudge & Miss Arnold (LKS2); Mrs Holt & Miss Hamer (UKS2); Miss Hughes & Miss Davies (DPs)
  • Week 5 (starting Wed 27th May) – Mrs Haralambous, Mr Davies & Mrs Leyland (EYFS); Mrs Glover & Mrs Ditchfield (KS1); Mrs Sharrocks, Miss Harnock & Mrs Bates (LKS2); Mrs McAulay, Mrs Corner & Mrs Horton (UKS2); Mrs Barrow, Mrs Gamble & Mrs Bradford (DPs)

The messages from the government remain simple:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands regularly

In terms of what can be done at home, we are trying to use our school Twitter page for learning challenges and ideas & Facebook page to inform you. We have added some information to the parents tab to help you. 

We are missing you all and hope you are all well. Stay safe!

Joanne Reilly

Head of School

Logo trust(1)

Our Year 6 leavers wrote and produced this promotional video as their legacy to their time at Oakwood Avenue...enjoy.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”For children to succeed they need to be well supported.  Support comes from school and home; and working together we can make a huge difference.

We now live in a digital age and our children will work in a digital environment. It is vital that our children have rich learning experiences that use technology when necessary. Our website will evolve and will become an integral learning tool for our whole school community. As well as learning resources you will also find useful information.

We feel very strongly that school and parents must work closely together to ensure the very best for our children.  Some of our procedures need to be followed to ensure the smooth running of the school, others are there to make sure that the children are safe and secure and getting the most from their school days.

The more support that we get from you and the more closely that we work together, then the more effective our school will be.

Our close links make our school a happy, hard working and successful place.  I am confident that the information on our website will continue to enhance those links. If you feel we need to offer more simply call in to school and offer your opinions.

Mr. Gary Cunningham

Executive Headteacher


Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School (part of The One Community Trust)

Oakwood Avenue




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If you want to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team you can at:: SLT@oakwoodavenue.co.uk   



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