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School Aims

The following is a series of statements fundamental to all that we strive to achieve within our school:

  • Life at school is about enabling children to enjoy their learning.  The basis of all our dealings with each child is that the child will receive respect, care and love. The central concern of the school is the child.
  • We will ensure that all children will receive their full educational entitlement and develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to the limits of their potential, in a secure and stimulating environment.
  • The curriculum will allow for, and make the most of, the individual differences of teachers and children.  It will be balanced so that sufficient time can be given to each part of it.
  • We aim to develop in the children a self awareness and an awareness of others, as well as tolerance and an acceptance of individual and cultural differences.
  • We warmly welcome the involvement by all parents in the education of their children and the life of the school.  In the planning of all our activities we feel that it is important to take account of the nature, interests, values and expectations of our local community.
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