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KS2 Woodies


Who do we Cater for?

KEY STAGE 2 Woodies

Our class is situated in the main building of the school on the lower KS2 corridor. The children have access to two class areas on either side of the corridor.  One is mainly used for breakfast, snack time, social skills activities and some smaller group teaching whilst the other is the main teaching room.

The children are integrated into school life during assemblies, lunch/break times and any mainstream lessons where we are confident that the child will flourish for example art, keyboards or PE.  They take part in school events such as WOW and science weeks, Harvest, Christmas productions and much more.

We aim to fully re-integrate our children back into mainstream education, wherever possible, during years 5 and 6 in preparation for the transition to high school. 

The curriculum

The curriculum in KS2 Woodies is based around the school’s creative curriculum but is very much tailored to meet the children’s individual needs. Our focus each day is on the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics, but we always approach this creatively, bringing learning alive whilst fostering a nurturing and caring environment.  Each child reads and practices handwriting and spellings with an adult every day.

We learn about topics through Oaky the Artist, Oaky the Explorer and Oaky the Historian to name a few… These are all linked into our science, history, geography and English and math programmes where possible. Most children are assessed formally in line with the whole school assessment policy and progress is reported termly to parents. For those children working well below ARE we use the B Squared assessment tool to evidence the smaller step progress that they make.

We are also very fortunate to regularly work with the charity Active Hope who ensure we have access to lessons outdoors where we learn the skills of: cooperation, perseverance, resilience and team building. There is a link to Active Hope on our website to find out more.

Learning Overview - Term by Term

KS2 Woodies(1)

Pastoral Care

There is a large emphasis on social skills, teamwork and relationship building, using PACE and advice from our play therapists and outside specialists. This is done by using SALT programmes where needed but every opportunity is taken during the school day to develop these skills. We share snack and lunch times together, have regular circle and board game sessions to develop turn taking, communication and sharing skills.  The staff model behaviour through positive language and reinforce the high standard of behaviour we expect within the classroom and towards each other.

All staff within KS2 Woodies are Team Teach trained to de-escalate behaviours and where necessary use restraint.  Positive Handling plans are used for those children that require them and are regularly reviewed and up-dated.

Intervention Strategies

In KS2 Woodies, the staff are specially trained to deliver a variety of interventions and to understand the complex needs of our children. We also work under the guidance of other professionals such as speech and language therapists and physiotherapy to support our children. Examples of interventions and training are:

  • Speech and language
  • Write Away Together
  • Social stories – to help children understand social situations
  • Mindfulness
  • Attachment
  • Team Teach


The local authority provides escorted transport to and from school for children who live a certain distance away. This has to be applied for to the transport department at the local authority.


We have an open door policy so if you wish to see us for any reason after school then staff will be available. For those children going home on transport we have a home school book to enable regular communication between school and home. This is very important, as home school relationships are essential in helping children to progress and develop.


We know that the transition from your child’s current placement to their new one can be a worrying time. We therefore endeavor to manage it in a careful, well thought out way. We make visits to see your child in their current setting. We also invite you and your child into school.

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