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What does Home learning look like at miss Jago's house?

Many of you will know that Miss Jago has two children; Evy in Year 1 and Alfie in Year 5. Despite being a teacher, she is not making home learning look like the lessons she would usually teach at Oakwood Avenue.  She has taken the approach of making sure the children practise some basic skills in reading, writing and maths everyday, as well as building in time for curiosity and enjoyment. By incorporating Oaky Challenges into the daily routine, her children are having the opportunity to respond to any learning challenges on the website and Twitter, as well as allowing the children to learn about things they are interested in. Alfie produced a poster on plastics in the ocean for example, as this is what he remembered learning about in Y4 and enjoyed the topic. Why not ask your child something they have learnt and create a poster all about it? They could email it or tweet their year group. Miss Jago has said that every day has been different - she tries to keep to a basic structure - but it does vary from day to day depending on the interest and mood of Evy and Alfie (Shh! Don't tell them we've put that on here!)

Have a look at some of the pictures below to see kind of things they have got up to. We hope it gives you some inspriation and ideas. Remember, you are not teachers and we are not expecting you to replicate what we do in school. This is Home Learning for what suits YOUR family. 


Some new nosey photos of What Miss Jago is getting up to with Evy and Alfie, and Mrs Brown with Madi and Oliver!

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