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Make a Difference Project

Monday 20th April 2020

Over the years, Oaky has wanted to help the children of Oakwood Avenue to discover, create and explore. In particular, Oaky the News Reporter has challenged the children of Oakwood Avenue to learn about significant events which have happened in living memory.

We are now living through an unprecedented historical event, so Oaky the News Reporter thought it would be a great opportunity to set you a challenge. Can you create a home learning project which captures how YOU are making a difference right now in your own community? Maybe you are:

  • Clapping for carers every Thursday night?
  • Facetiming members of your family?
  • Writing letters to family members or residents of a care home?
  • Drawing/painting rainbows for other people to see?
  • Leaving teddy bears in your windows for others to find on their daily exercise walk?
  • Helping out more with chores at home?
  • Writing a diary/blog to record what is happening so you can share with others at a later date?
  • Sending a kind message in some way to your friends to stay connected?
  • Writing to your teachers to stay connected to school?

You may have been inspired by Captain Tom Moore, the incredible Second World War veteran, who has raised more than £25 million at the time of writing this, by completing laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. On your daily exercise walks, you will have seen many rainbows and messages of support for our key workers. Some of you may have even seen Oaky waving back from a window! Other communities have organised art galleries, where people can contribute a piece of art, which will inspire, or simply put a smile on someone’s face. There have been reports of a supermarket which has hired one of its talented employees to sing outside for their customers.

Tom Moore 1galleryOaky

You can present your home learning in any way you would like to. Maybe you want to create a poster or video yourself explaining the things you have done. You can share this with your family and/or we would love to see how you have’ Made a Difference’ via twitter; either on the main site @Oakwood_Avenue   OR your year group, for example, @Y1Oaky. If your child is in Mrs Barrow’s class, tag @KS2Oakies and if your child is in KS1 or 2 Woodies, tag @KS2Woodies.  

We look forward to seeing your projects! 

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