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Government Recommended Resources for Parents to use at home

home learning

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For 2-4 year olds

Click on the picture for home learning if your child is between 2 and 4 years of age.

early years(1)

For children with special educational needs

These resources are for children with Sepcial Educational needs and again just click on the picture.


For All children Primary age Reception - Year 6

Click on the picture for Primary aged children so from Reception to Year 6.  Please note we use Letters and Sounds in school so click on that link for phonics practise.

primary age(1)

ONLINE Resources

When using these resources, just email the class teacher by using the year group email if you have any queries:


Daily lessons from the BBC

The BBC has released daily lessons too. You simply click on the picture below and then click on your child's year group:

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