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Handwriting at Oakwood Avenue

Letter-join is a home-school program that we have invested in to support and develop the handwriting of all of our pupils. The Early Years Foundation Stage and The National Curriculum specifies that we should teach handwriting throughout school and develop our pupils to have:

‘….fluent, legible and eventually, speedy handwriting.’

Ways to use Letter-join at home

Children can use their fingers on the screen of a tablet to trace patterns that will develop the movements needed later for handwriting. This is ideal for Nursery and Reception children.

They can watch letters being formed and then trace them. This is suitable for all; Reception children as they learn to write and older children who need to practise the formation of a particular letter or letters.

All children can use Letter-join to practise writing and spelling words from their phonics homework, tricky rocket words or spelling lists from their teachers.

Here’s how to practise specific words:

  • log on using the username, password or swipe code on the attached letter
  • Go to Magic Words
  • Type the word into the box in the bottom left of the screen ensuring all letters are lower case
  • Choose a background
  • Trace the word with a stylus pen (recommended) or the index finger

If your child finds any of the letters difficult to form, you can practise these by clicking on easy letters or harder letters from the main menu screen to find them. You can then watch as they are formed correctly and then trace them to practise.

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