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E Safety

At Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School we are committed to keeping the children in our care safe.  In today’s digital world, we are aware of the fantastic opportunities educationally and otherwise that the internet brings.  However, we are extremely aware and mindful of the potential risks that children may face when they access the internet using the technology that is at their fingertips on a day to day basis.

In school we have an E-Safety Team of children from Year 6, with deputy E-Safety leaders in Year 5 to allow for a smooth transition when the Year 6 leave.  This is led by Mrs L Brown and Mrs J Frank.  As with our school council, we believe that by involving children in ideas and decisions that directly affect them, they are happier with the outcomes.  The four children have attended an E-Safety course, Year 6’s at Walton Gardens, and Year 5’s at the Police Headquarters in Winsford.  This training has allowed them to see what ways they can help the children in our school to stay safe.

Each academic year children complete a unit of work on E-Safety which usually takes place around the February E-Safety day.  This is delivered through a range of resources, including websites appropriate to their age groups.  They will also be reminded of safety at the beginning of each lesson that requires the use of the internet.  We teach children to follow the SMART rules:


Our website has a link to DB Primary Login and each child has an account.  If they feel something has bothered them using the account they can “blow the whistle” and their class teacher receives notification of this.  DB Primary also allows the teacher to control files that have been uploaded to the children’s accounts.

We also make use of the Earwig app that allows us to take photographs of children safely on our mobile devices, which then are uploaded and stored in files where parents can view and purchase.  Once uploaded, these photographs are deleted from our devices.

Children:  Here’s a list of websites for you to make sure you keep safe:




5-7 year olds https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/5_7/ 

8-10 year olds https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/


Parents:  Here’s a list of websites and documents for you to make sure your children are safe:






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